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Concert Tips 2

The continuation of my prior article. Here’s some more tips on taking good concert photos! Capture emotion. Take the shot at a high point in the song, when the musician is totally “into it”. Show the fans in some of your photos. A band is almost nothing without its fans! And be nice to the fans, the ones who are their for the music. Don’t get in their way, and if you want to step

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Make a Photo-Card!

One of my friends, Lianna, recently graduated from high school. The day of her post-graduation party, I realized I needed a gift or card. Whoops.. I quickly decided to use of one my 4×6 prints lying around and make a card. Oh, you just remembered yourself that someone you know is graduating? Forget to get them something yet? Fear not! For you can join me in the short journey (it took me 10-20 m

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Product Photography Lighting Thumbnail

Product Photography Lighting

Ever wondered how the professionals do those amazing product shots of jewelry, watches, and the sort? Check out this interesting site with tips for better lighting set-ups - TableTopStudio. It has many great ideas, and I’m sure if you thought about it for awhile, you could find a way to do nearly everything there for much cheaper. Enjoy!

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DIY Lightbox

Remember that nifty little macro photography “studio” I talked about back in PES - Lighting? Well, I took a little bit out of my evening to find the link to that great article, just for you, the reader. Check out the awesome tutorial from Strobist here! Also — ever wanted to make your lightbox portable? Now you can!

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Light It Up Thumbnail

Light It Up

Remember that awesome DIY lightbox I priorly mentioned? Not only is it great for shooting objects inside, but also on top of the box, giving you great lighting results! Confused? Keep on reading. I had a piece of paper (a copy of the Constitution) which I wanted to shoot, but wanted it to be different as well. After a bit of thought, I put it on top of my lightbox and put my light source (house

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Paper Filter Thumbnail

Paper Filter

A paper filter?! Sure, your normal filters are made of glass, but when I start experimenting.. Anything goes. And sometimes it goes good. Read on to discover how I created a filter for my camera out of paper.. For P&S and SLR! Got some tissue paper left over from creating your lightbox? If you still have some around, grab it. I usually carry a few pieces in my camera bag, as you never know

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DIY – Snooty Flash Thumbnail

DIY – Snooty Flash

Cardboard, water bottle, ductape..what can you make with this? When you’re creative enough, the possibilities are endless. One great idea is to make your own snoot for your flash. It directs the light where you want it, and can create interesting effects. Interested? Read on. Take a piece of cardboard and fold it into a sort of tube. You could also use an empty roll of toilet paper/towels. St

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DIY Photo Ornament Thumbnail

DIY Photo Ornament

I have to hand it toAlicia at Photojojo. These are some wicked sweet ornaments you can create using a photograph print. Read how to make one here! (The little strips make me think of Moo mini cards. Perhaps you could use these to make an innovative photo ornament..)

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DIY Digital Photo Frame Thumbnail

DIY Digital Photo Frame

Got a spare laptop laying around that you’re thinking about throwing out. Before you trash your old computer, check out this interesting DIY! Makes a spiffy looking frame, and will catch any visitor’s eye! Now, if you were really “frugal” like me, I might just set up a laptop and run the photos on a loop..and if I was feeling extra good, I might stick some frame around my laptop (if I had

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DIY Lightbox – Now Portable! Thumbnail

DIY Lightbox – Now Portable!

Andrew has come up with an amazing idea! Remember that DIY lightbox from Strobist? Anyone who has created that sweet project knows how much space it takes up. Mine is still sitting up on the shelf, hasn’t been used for a few months. Chicken Stock effectively solves this idea - by making the lightbox foldable! (Read on to learn how!)   I had so much fun using the $10 DIY lightbox, but

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